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Bin Masters Sanitation’s curbside trash can cleaning service vehicle will arrive at your property the day after the container has been emptied by your trash company. We clean the following day of your trash pick up to ensure a excellent experience with us, if for any reason your trash company is running behind it will not effect your expectations with us. We service Pensacola, Cantonment, Gulf Breeze, Fort Walton, Navarre, Destin and surrounding areas.

Subscribers to our services will receive a courtesy message from Bin Masters Sanitation the day before your trash can cleaning date reminding you to leave your trash bins at curbside after your trash company has emptied them.

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Once Bin Masters Sanitation’s service vehicle arrives at your place of residents, your bins will be rolled down into the street where they will be inspected for debris. We will then remove any bagged trash so we can perform our cleaning process and place it besides the can when finished so the cans will dry properly.

After the initial inspection, your trash can is then taken to the rear of Bin Masters Sanitation’s curbside trash can cleaning unit to start the cleaning process. Our hydraulic arms will then grab and lift your can placing it directly over our specially designed pressure washing head. The pressure head rotates at high speed in all directions effectively blasting any dirt or grime off the container.  With water blasting at the rate of 3500 PSI at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees your trash bin will be completely disinfected. The waste water is then collected by our self contained unit and taken away to ensure that we stay environmentally friendly! Our complete process will remove upwards of 99% of common bacteria from the container as well as leaving it completely spotless and odor free. Everyone loves how the Trash Can Cleaning Service Works!

When the cleaning process has been completed, the trash can is then lowered back down to the street. With HOT steam still rolling out from inside the can is when we apply our exclusive optional hypoallergenic solution as well as our non-chemical signature fragrance that no other company can duplicate. They are then placed in uniform at the foot of your driveway. (*additional cost for fragrance)

Our Signature Seasonal Scents*

Available Nov. – Jan.

Holiday Spice

Our Holiday Spice scent arrives with the cooler weather and surrounds your cans with the perfect mix of citrus, cinnamon and clove reminding you that the holiday season is here.

Available Feb. – April

Wild Watermelon

Our Wild Watermelon scent saturates your cans with the sweet smell of fresh cut watermelon reminding you of those perfect summertime picnics.

Available May – July

Banana Nut Bread

Our Banana Nut Bread scent fills your cans with the delicious scent of homemade banana nut bread.  Warm and fruity, a vibrant banana aroma greets notes of sweet coconut, power and musk.

Available Aug. – Oct.

Pumpkin Spice

Our Pumpkin Spice scent infuses your cans with the wonderful aroma of fresh pumpkin that is blended perfectly with a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, almond and vanilla.

Our seasonal scents are applied after the cleaning process and provide a long lasting aroma to your trash cans and recycle bins.  These scents do not attract insects, leave a sticky film to degrade the plastics of your can. *Seasonal Scents are available for an additional cost available during service selection.

Protect your family from germs and bacteria!

Our trash can and recycle bin cleaning service removes 99% of germs and bacteria, keeping your family safe.  Sign up and start enjoying a cleaner, safer can today.

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