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Monthly Service-Prepaid Annualy

$208.89 / year

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    Please select the number of bins/cans you would like to have cleaned.

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Trash and recycle bins cleaned every Month. You will be automatically billed every month until you cancel. Before the cleaning process begins, each bin is checked for any remaining debris. If there is any trash in your bin, after trash collection has been made, we will remove any “bagged” trash and place it next to the can after the cleaning process to allow our sanitation to fully dry in the can. After the initial inspection, the container is taken to the rear of the curbside cleaning unit from where a hydraulic lifting mechanism will lift & rotate the container placing it over a specially designed pressure washing head. The pressure head rotates at high speed in all directions and effectively blasts any debris off the container. Our processes remove upwards 99% of common bacteria from the surface of the container.

Please indicate the number of bins/cans you would like cleaned when before adding to your cart.  You will be able to indicate the day of the week you trash pickup during checkout. Our routes are designed to service the day after your regular trash pick up date, this allows your trash company to do their job without effecting your scheduled cleaning.

This is a 1 year service program with a $50.00 cancellation fee if canceled before anniversary date.



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